Recirculating Chiller

In my recent return to brewing in warmer weather, I wanted to switch up my post-boil routine and possibly shorten my brew days a bit. Even though my no-chill cube saved a bunch of water over running my chiller, it is a hassle have to clean and sanitize yet another piece of equipment on brew […]

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Temperature Control

Temperature is a very important factor in the fermentation process. If it gets too cold, the yeast will hibernate. Too high, and they will die. Just like Goldilocks, beer needs the temperature just right. Lots of brewers have special fermentation fridges to control the environment around the beer. I haven’t made that investment yet, but […]

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Stout Tasting Round Two

Finally getting around to posting about the latest iteration of Three Wise Men Stout after a busy holiday season. Needless to say, I have been enjoying this beer quite a bit in that stretch. Much like the last batch, the coffee and chocolate notes were prominent but not overpowering. I may try make these flavors […]

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Brew Day: Stout Round Two

With my Aletoberfest running low it was time for me to brew again. Winter is coming so to get me through the cold winter nights, I decided to take another crack at my Three Wise Men Stout. This is the first time I’ve repeated a recipe, as I have focused on trying to make a […]

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Oktoberfest vs. Aletoberfest

When I first set out to make my Aletoberfest, my main thought was how it would compare to an actual Oktoberfest. Ales and lagers have different characteristics when it comes to flavor and taste, so I needed to do a side-by-side comparison. Once my Aletoberfest finished carbonating, I pulled out a commercial Oktoberfest to see […]

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Brew Day: Aletoberfest

My long hiatus is finally over. A move into a new city and busy work schedule has kept me away from the brew pot, but I finally was able to find a weekend to get back at it. Just in time for my last homebrew batch to run dry, and just in time for Octoberfest. […]

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Tasting Notes: Back Porch IPA

Let me start off by saying that this beer is delicious. It is a perfect beer for summer in my opinion, but I am a little biased. The flavor is very similar to the Cascade IPA I made awhile back, but a bit more fruity specifically grapefruit. The hops are definitely there, but the bitterness […]

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A Not So Session IPA

Bottling day has come and gone for my Back Porch Session IPA, and I am still baffled by what my beer has done. My yeast has decided to kick into overdrive and turn this session beer into a full strength IPA. Before I began bottling, I did a gravity check to make sure the beer […]

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