Eye of the Loon: Snowy Brew

Despite wind and snow, the brew day for Eye of the Loon Red Ale went off without a hitch yesterday. I made a few changes to the process this time around that ended up helping out quite a bit, and hopefully will make for a tasty brew. I wanted to brew out on the back […]

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Spontaneous Brew Day

The stars have aligned for me to brew a batch over the weekend. It’s been a couple of months since my last brew so I’ve been itching to make another batch. The timing is perfect to make a red ale that will finish up just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I have been tinkering […]

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Stout Bottling Day

Shortly after posting my fermentation article, I moved on to complete the bottling of my Three Wise Men stout. Overall, it was a fairly uneventful bottling session, but with the addition of a few new tools, I was able to be a bit more thorough in my cleaning process. I decided to clean my bottles […]

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Stout Fermentation

I got home from work tonight and much to my pleasure there was a healthy head of krausen in the fermentor. However, I noticed that there were no bubbles in the airlock. Which means I didn’t have enough water and that air was flowing freely. Yikes! Good thing our old pal vodka is here to […]

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Winter Brewing Wonderland

The first winter brew was a success. Even though the time from heating water to wort in the fermenter was over 24 hours, the process went quite well. I started off the day by moving my brewery from the garage to the scenic back porch. The move saved me time hauling everything up from the […]

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