Finishing the Belgian

After over a month of drinking it, I finally finished off the last bottle of Belgian Abbey Ale. I was pleasantly surprised by this beer, particularly since I’ve never drank a beer like this before. I’ll definitely have to revisit the style in the future. It was quite delicious. Over time, the beers have progressively […]

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Cascade Bottling Day

After two weeks in the fermenter, the beer is ready to be bottled. So I began the day by moving my fermenter up on a chair and let it sit awhile to allow any bits of trub that got churned up in the process. I then loaded all of my bottles into the dishwasher to […]

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It’s Hop-pening!

We’re in the final stretch of fermentation! With bottling day set for Saturday, depending on gravity of course, it’s time to add the dry hops. This is my first time dry hopping a beer so I’m interested to see how it will add to the beer. The interesting thing about dry hops is that they […]

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Slowing and Settling

After a few days of being extremely active, the yeast has settled down a bit and things are settling. The airlock is bubbling only a few times a minute compared to about 60-70 times a minute at the start. The beer has cleared up a bit as much of the yeast and hop particles have […]

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Cascade Fermentation Begins

Less than 12 hours after pitching, the yeast was working away. I didn’t add any Fermcap to this batch so this batch is very active compared to my last one. As you can see, all the little bits of hops and yeast have been churned up, making the beer very cloudy for now. I’ll post […]

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Brew Day: Cascade IPA

My second all-grain brew is complete! And in record time. With the addition of the burner and actually being able to connect a hose to my wort chiller rather than hold it to the faucet with a towel, I cut almost two hours off my previous brew on the gas stove. Now I can spend […]

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