Prepping for Brew Day: Cascade IPA

A recent upgrade in equipment, rare open weekend from work and enough Belgian Ale consumed have given me the chance to finally brew another batch of beer! Hooray! The main reason why I can get this brew day in is the purchase of my new burner. I made my last batch on a gas stove, but it was BARELY able to get about 6.5 gallons of wort to a boil after just over an hour of heating up from mash temp. Add on top of that an hour to get my water up to mash temps, my last time brewing took over six hours. I wasn’t going to be waiting on that if I wanted to brew more often.

So I snagged a Bayou Classic SQ-14 propane burner off Amazon last week to speed up the process.

I decided to go with another kit before I make the jump into making my own recipes, just to get a better handle on the all grain process. So I shopped my local homebrewer shop, Brew and Grow, and found a sale for their Cascade IPA that looked intriguing. Check out the recipe below:

9.5 lbs Pale Row-2
0.5 lbs Caramel 60L
0.5 lbs Carapils

2 oz Cascade (Bittering)
1 oz Cascade (Flavoring)
1 oz Cascade (Aroma)
2 oz Cascade (Dry Hop)

Now I’m not a huge fan of IPAs or hoppy beer in general, but I want to give this one a shot so I can give dry hopping a try.

Also this time around I’m going to do a modified no sparge mash. I feel like I didn’t let the sparge water sit long enough on the grain and it affected my efficiency quite a bit. Also, it’s simpler and saves a little propane. However, I don’t have a large enough vessel to heat the whole volume for a no mash sparge. I did find a hybrid method from donosborn on YouTube where you heat 6 gallons to mash temp, and add 2 gallons of boiling water at the end of the mash. It seems like an easy process, and I’m all for simplifying brew day.

I’ll be documenting my brew tomorrow with a full recap later on that day, and I’ll be putting it all on the site’s instagram story as it happens. Follow along and join me on brew day!




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