It’s Hop-pening!

We’re in the final stretch of fermentation! With bottling day set for Saturday, depending on gravity of course, it’s time to add the dry hops.

This is my first time dry hopping a beer so I’m interested to see how it will add to the beer. The interesting thing about dry hops is that they don’t add any bitterness, just flavor. So the taste of the Cascade hops will really be prominent.

This two ounce hop addition brings the beer’s total to six ounces of Cascade added throughout the brewing process. All I had to do was sprinkle the hops into the beer, and wait.

As a added the hops, I took a look at the sediment on the bottom of the fermenter, called trub. 

When I first added the wort, there was a layer of “stuff” all the way to the one-gallon marker on the fermenter. After the primary fermentation slowed, all of the trub condensed at the bottom and looks to below the valve. I was worried I would have to get a new siphon to be able to reach all of the beer and get it out, but hopefully I’ll just be able to do my normal process prior to bottling. As long as the dry hops settle down a bit as well.

Fast forward a few hours…

The hops have dissolved a bit and formed a layer over the top. It kind of looks like soggy Wheaties, but this will hopefully be more appetizing later on.




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