Cascade Bottling Day

After two weeks in the fermenter, the beer is ready to be bottled. So I began the day by moving my fermenter up on a chair and let it sit awhile to allow any bits of trub that got churned up in the process.

I then loaded all of my bottles into the dishwasher to sanitize them with a light wash process. No soap of course. Soap can ruin head retention.

While they were washing I heated up a solution of 2 cups water and 5oz corn sugar to a boil. This will be added to the beer in a bottling bucket and will carbonate the bottles over the next couple weeks.

I left the solution to cool and took a final gravity reading. The hydrometer read 1.006 so the ABV should be right around 6%.

Once the solution had cooled a bit, I poured it into my bottling bucket. Then I hooked my tubing up to the fermenter and began the process of transferring the beer to the bucket, trying to keep as much of the trub in the fermenter as possible. Then I gave the beer a stir to create a whirlpool and make any bits of trub settle in the middle of the bucket, away from the spigot. I waited ten minutes, gave it another swirl, then waited for the dishwasher to finish its cycle.

After the bottles cooled a bit, I started the bottling process. I connect a short tube to the bucket’s spigot, with a bottle filler on the other end. All I do is press the filler to the bottom of the bottle, let it fill to the brim, place a sanitized cap on the bottle then clamp it down. Repeat 32 times.

In the end, I had 21 12 ounce bottles and 11 22 ounce bombers. So there will be plenty to share. Now they are sitting in the basement to carbonate over the next two weeks.

I’m pretty excited for this batch to finish up. I sampled a little bit of the leftover beer that wouldn’t fill the whole bottle, and if the finished beer is anything like that it will be a huge success.




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