Finishing the Belgian

After over a month of drinking it, I finally finished off the last bottle of Belgian Abbey Ale. I was pleasantly surprised by this beer, particularly since I’ve never drank a beer like this before. I’ll definitely have to revisit the style in the future. It was quite delicious.

Over time, the beers have progressively gotten more clear as the rest of the yeast in suspension has dropped out into the bits of sediment on the bottom of the bottles. The mini fridge I cooled them in was too short for the 22 oz bottles to stand upright on the main shelf, so I was only able to cool them one at a time on the door of the fridge. This prevents the yeast from settling on the side when the bottle is laid down, which will guarantee a cloudy pour.

The flavor has been consistently good throughout this batch, and apart from a couple weird pours early on, so has the carbonation.

For my first all-grain beer, I’d say this turned out pretty well. Even with all the mistakes I probably made in this batch.

I look forward to the Cascade IPA that will finish carbonation very soon. I already gave one a taste because I couldn’t wait and it was quite good. However it was right after the bottle of Belgian so I’ll reserve a full review for when I have a clean pallet.




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