First Pint: Cascade IPA

I finally got around to writing this review after having about three of these IPAs. The first one was so good, I had to try a few more to make sure it was consistent…and because they were delicious.

I’m not much of an IPA person, but this beer was, in my opinion, a pretty good balance of hoppy and citrus flavor. But I may be a little biased.

I think almost every beer I have made in the past has involved at least a small amount Cascade hops, but I have never used them exclusively like this beer. I really love this citrus flavor that it brings out and makes for a great summer beer.

Once again, the carbonation was great on this beer. I did the same process as the Belgian, 5oz of sugar in 2 cups of water on bottling day, and it worked like a charm.

The thing I was most surprised by was the clarity. I forgot to add biofine to the fermenter so I thought there would be bit of haze in the finished beer. Shockingly, after two weeks carbonating, this beer was crystal clear. I’m not sure if it was the temperature, the way the yeast activated, or what but the clarity was fantastic. I did a whirlpool, stirring up the beer before bottling to make sure sediment settles in the middle of the bucket, and that may have helped. But I don’t think that worked on its own.

Overall, I very happy with how this beer turned out. Even if I didn’t quite hit my initial target on brew day, the beer still turned out great. Probably the first “shareable” beer I’ve made, and I look forward to giving out a few samples.




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