Sibling Rivalry Pale Ale Tasting

Well it has been far too long since my last update, and about two weeks since this beer finished carbonating. So it’s definitely time to analyze Sibling Rivalry Pale Ale.

This was the first beer that I had put a recipe together by myself, and I was very pleased with this first attempt. The flavor was nice and malty from the Vienna grains, but with a slight hint of hops. More mild than the Cascade IPA.

The mixing of Centennial hops with the Cascade in this beer brought out a bit more floral aroma while still having those citrus notes.

I feel like I may have over carbonated this batch because it just seems too fizzy for the style. However, it does finish very crisp, which is a nice touch.

I will definitely have to make this one again, as it is a very easy drinking ale. I may switch up the hops to get some different flavors. Another good experiment would be to use a different yeast. I have heard of similar recipes using Kolsh yeast to get a faux-lager character.

Now all I have to do is to share enough of it to clear up space for a new batch.




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