Stout Fermentation

I got home from work tonight and much to my pleasure there was a healthy head of krausen in the fermentor. However, I noticed that there were no bubbles in the airlock. Which means I didn’t have enough water and that air was flowing freely. Yikes! Good thing our old pal vodka is here to […]

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Winter Brewing Wonderland

The first winter brew was a success. Even though the time from heating water to wort in the fermenter was over 24 hours, the process went quite well. I started off the day by moving my brewery from the garage to the scenic back porch. The move saved me time hauling everything up from the […]

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This Beer Has No Chill

It’s brewing time again! My supply of Sibling Rivalry Pale Ale is running low so it’s time for another batch of homebrew. My first attempt at recipe building with the pale ale went pretty well, so I’m giving it another shot. This time I’ll be making an Irish extra stout, but with a little technique […]

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