Tasting Notes: Three Wise Men Stout

Talk about a beer that was worth the wait. After two weeks, Three Wise Men Stout is finally carbonated and ready for tasting. I had a few bottles prior to it being fully ready, but we’ll call those testing samples.

This beer was carbonated much less than any batch I have previously brewed, so that may have added to the long wait. I had stored the beer in a fairly warm spot in my house to try and speed up the process, but patience proved to be the best thing for the beer. A few of the early sample bottles lost their head of foam very quickly, with the first one I had after about a week losing any sign of bubbles after about 10 minutes.

Now that the beer is ready, it is quite good. The lower carbonation makes for a very smooth taste while not seeming flat. Initially you are met with notes of chocolate, coffee and possibly a slight bread flavor. This is shortly followed by a nice roasted taste. The specialty malts (chocolate and roasted barley) really shined through in this beer.

It is very light and drinkable which I am happy with, but would have liked a bit more “heaviness.” I believe this may have to do with the inefficient mash. However, according to some sources, it may have to do with water chemistry. I think that is where I will make the most adjustment in the future. I based the water off a black and malty preset in a calculator this round. Next time, I may try to copy the profile of water from Dublin to try and get a feel that is similar to Guinness.

For now, I have several gallons to enjoy and share with friends. Hopefully it goes quick, giving me the excuse to brew my next batch.




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