Bottling Day: Eye of the Loon Red Ale

Two weeks in the fermentor and lots of yeast activity later, Eye of the Loon Red Ale is ready to to bottle. This fermentation cycle was much less eventful than the last time around, which is a very good thing. Only needed to top off the airlock one time with a bit of extra vodka so no outside exposure or weird temperature swings this time.


After heating 166 grams of corn sugar (used for carbonation) to a boil, I let the solution cool and began prepping to bottle. While waiting to cool, I sanitized 17 12oz bottles and 14 22oz bottles and let them dry on the bottling tree.

I took a gravity reading to see the final gravity and how much alcohol is present. The hydrometer read 1.009, two points lower than the predicted 1.011, making this beer 4.7% ABV.

The beer was transferred from fermenter to bucket and evenly mixed with sugar. A bit of sediment came through in the beginning, so I stirred the bucket to create a whirlpool and push all of the gunk into the middle and away from the spigot.


I gathered together caps and bottles to begin the long and tedious bottling process.


Only had one minor spillover due to being distracted by the Olympics on TV, but that’s what the towel is for.


Now, we wait almost two more weeks before we get our first taste of the beer.




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