A Not So Session IPA

Bottling day has come and gone for my Back Porch Session IPA, and I am still baffled by what my beer has done. My yeast has decided to kick into overdrive and turn this session beer into a full strength IPA.

Before I began bottling, I did a gravity check to make sure the beer had fully fermented. I was expecting the gravity to to be around 1.013 for a final ABV of around 4.75%. To my surprise, it was more like 1.007 and 5.5%. Three quarters of a percent of alcohol may not seem like much, but it does cross the line of what is considered a session beer which generally is anything below 5%.

Now this isn’t a failure by any means. I still have delicious beer that I will be able to drink in a week or two. I just want to know how the yeast was able to convert that much sugar.

Were my initial gravity readings incorrect?

Did the dry hops affect the yeast at all?

Was my mash more efficient than predicted?

Did fermenting on the lower end of the yeast’s preferred range make it more active?

It’s something I’ll have to take a look at and do some research. One of the steps I can take right away is to check the calibration of my refractometer and hydrometer to make sure my gravities are correct.

Perhaps I’ll ponder it over a glass of “session” IPA?




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